"Middle-Earth is not an Imaginary World"
J. R. R. Tolkien not only kindly shared with the whole humanity the extraordinary world created by his mind. He brought to everyone who believed in his words, a shelter, which walls can’t be trepassed by any evil. A shelter where love and friendship mean more than just false promises based on biased words. It's a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out. He shall live forever inside each page that brings Arda to life.
R.I.P. Jan, 3, 1892 - Sep, 2, 1973
Here you'll find anything Tolkien related. Hope you enjoy your stay, little hobbit.
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"You laugh, you cry, you fear, but most of all you believe. You believe in the only thing that saved you, in the only thing that made you feel real. Even if it was for a glance of time. Til your heart stops beating, the story will keep beating with you. And will keep beating for you."
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Put aside the ranger, 

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lotr 30 day challenge | day 12 | favourite scene in elvish

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One thing I’ve learned about hobbits: they are most hardy folk.

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 I do not want that power.

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